December 13,2022 Tokens on Decentralized Exchanges-$IGUP(IguVerse)

Project Aspects and Comments:

The $IGUP(IguVerse) started in June, and the project APP has been launched on the apple store and google play; the trading pairs launched on December 8, the liquidity has been active, the price has continued to rise, the team has been working hard, go well;

Project Introduction:

Introducing Blockchain to Millions of Users in Gamified Way,IguVerse is an Play to Earn social-network game which aims to socialize pet owners using Blockchain technologies.Top upcoming Gaming projects #ICO;




Project details:

Contract Address: 0x522d0F9F3eFF479A5B256BB1C1108F47b8e1A153 (Binance Chain)

Total liquidity:$3.76K
24h volume:$284.84K
Pooled BUSD:46.38K
Pooled IGUP:1.48M
Total tx:14.46K
Total Market Cap:$511.15K
Total Supply:16.00M IGUP
Pool created:12/8/2022 20:03
% Pooled IGUP:9.21%
1 BNB:9.02K IGUP


Project Aspects and Comments: The $IGUP(IguVerse) start…