Cosmos Ecosystem-IRIS Network

Project Introduction: IRISnet is a service infrastructure and protocol built using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus layer. Its goal is to become one of the first regional Cosmos network hubs outside of Cosmos Hub. The IRIS Hub is an independent proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain that serves as the “center” of the IRIS network, connecting other regions within the IRIS network and linking them to the larger Cosmos ecosystem. The adjacent regional service infrastructure and modules of IRISnet are designed to support DeFi applications.

Project Vision: IRISnet is the infrastructure that supports complex distributed business applications, including DeFi and service-oriented applications. Developers can directly deploy applications on the IRISnet mainnet, IRIS Hub, or use the SDK provided by IRISnet to develop their own application-specific chains, using the cross-chain services provided by the IRIS Hub.

Market Demand Due to the complexity of real-world problems, it is unrealistic to solve all distributed collaboration issues with a single public chain. The future will certainly be a blossoming of multiple public chains dedicated to solving different problems, and these systems need to be interconnected.

Solution What IRISnet does is cross-chain services. It is the bridge that connects various systems. It not only supports the cross-chain transfer of tokens (Cosmos focuses on the value exchange of tokens between different chains), but more importantly, it can support data and complex calculations that can be called across chains and heterogeneous systems. It can support public chains, consortium chains, and even the interoperability of traditional systems. IRISnet provides the service-oriented development module iService for complex distributed business applications.

Project Introduction: IRISnet is a service infrastructu…