Cross-chain Bridge Project – RING

Darwinia Network decentralized cross-chain bridge technology combines advanced intelligent technology to realize cross-chain games and ultra-light client technology, and realize decentralized verification and participation in the process of cross-chain transfer. Darwinia Chain Relay is a novel cross-chain Verification Relay that implements super light clients, uses Merkle Mountain Range (MMR) promise, Optimistic Verification Game, Techniques such as the Relayer excitation model allow sublinear performance by submitting only a logarithmic number of block heads and their derived data. The heterogeneous chain bridge of Darwinia Network does not depend on collateral, so it supports small and micro high frequency transfer like NFT. Provides an important infrastructure for NFT baton Defi hotspots. With Slash algorithm, the system needs to punish the assets pledged by the verifier (including voters) when the attack or error occurs, in order to prevent the verifier from attacking or the block is unstable. The parameters associated with punishing in a Staking system will be in percentage terms, and when Slash occurs, the validator or user will be penalized in accordance with that percentage, whether the pledged asset is RING or KTON.

Darwinia Network has received three Web3 grants and is also one of boca Light White Paper’s officially certified partners. The role of Darwinia Network in Boca Ecology is that, as a parallel chain of Boca ecology, it will access boca ecology and then other chains to enter into Boca Ecology. The core members of the team were introduced to blockchain very early and contributed code to many early open source projects, especially through BTS. Darwinia Network has been one of the first to access trials of the Foreboka parallel chain. Boca’s first parallel chains must be one of the most interesting projects in ecology.

Darwinia Network decentralized cross-chain bridge techn…