Hedera Hashgraph(HBAR)

Hedera Hashgraph is distributed public ledger infrastructure. According to the team, it offers significant improvements over existing blockchains in five areas: ​performance​, ​security​, ​governance​, ​stability​, and ​regulatory compliance​.

The project relies on Hashgraph, an asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT) algorithm, invented by CTO Dr. Leemon Baird, to achieve network consensus.

​It features 10,000 TPS, transaction fee ~$0.0001, and a 3-5 second finality for confirmations.

The ​HBAR token is used for staking​, as well as multiple services in the network.

First release Date:2020-02-14

Max Supply: 50,000,000,000 HBAR

Total supply: 50,000,000,000 HBAR

Circulating Supply: 24,906,474,162 HBAR






Github: https://github.com/hashgraph


Hedera Hashgraph is distributed public ledger infrastru…