The PlutusDAO($PLS)

Project Aspects and Comments:

The PlutusDAO team and the community are working very hard to build the ecology, the flow is very strong; Total PLS Locked Across Vaults 56.6M,25.88% of Circulating PLS Supply Locked in Vaults; Judging from the current trend, the price is in the middle price, accumulating energy, and the price is rising !

Project Introduction:

PLS is a valueless governance token that has no economic value. It’s sole purpose is a utility token to govern the protocol. In the future, holders of PLS can create or vote on governance proposals that shape and oversee the protocol.





Project details:

Contract :0x51318b7d00db7acc4026c88c3952b66278b6a67f (Arbitrum)
Total liquidity: $1.33M
24h volume: $123.51K
Pooled WETH: 499.35
Pooled PLS: 2.35M
Market Cap: $3.08M
Holders: 192.47K
Total tx: 302.81K
Total Supply: 100.00M PLS
Pool created: 4/28/2022 16:22
% Pooled PLS: 2.35%
1 WETH: 4.77K PLS


Project Aspects and Comments: The PlutusDAO team and th…