$OPENAI-December 6,2022 Tokens on Decentralized Exchanges

Project Introduction:


Open Ai ERC20 is a free-to-use telegram bot that provides users access to ChatGTP and DALL-E via chat commands.You know,$OPENAI is so hot right now that people can’t help but talk to it,1% of all transactions occurring with the Open Ai ERC20 token will be donated to the team behind Open Ai.

Project details:

Total liquidity:$92.68K
24h volume:$308.89K
Pooled WETH:36.78
Pooled OPENAI:5.84M
Total tx:7.20K
Total Market Cap:$793.14K
Total Supply:100.00M
Pool created:12/4/2022 03:54
% Pooled OPENAI:5.84%

Project Introduction: $OPENAI Open Ai ERC20 is a free-t…