$SOWL-December 6,2022 Tokens on Decentralized Exchanges

Project Introduction:
$SOWL is a project for early education and learning in the early stage, and games in the second stage, learning cryptocurrency knowledge through playing games; earning income by earning project tokens during learning;

Official self-introduction:
Introducing the newest project in the metaverse that will allows users to learn and earn on our dApp while earning our crypto, the SOWL Token! Users will complete a series of educational games that result in learning a new skill and earning token rewards for doing so! Created by a doxxed educator with an extensive curriculum background, this project is designed to teach users a variety of skills and educational content. This project has been in the making since the 2020, so we are finally are pleased to be revolutionizing the virtual education world through incentivized game play that allows you to earn SOWL Tokens for learning and having fun in the process!

Project details:
Total liquidity:$98.39K
24h volume:$23.81K
Pooled WBNB:167.26
Pooled SOWL:8.17B
Total tx:14.69K
Total Market Cap:$590.33K
Total Supply:97.50B SOWL
Pool created:9/20/2022 04:46
% Pooled SOWL:8.34%


Project Aspects and Comments:
The project has an early case, APP, which has been put on the shelves of apple store and Google play. The current price has dropped by 56% compared with the highest price, and has increased by 155% compared with the lowest price; combined with the recent transaction activities on the chain, the liquidity It is still weak, but the liquidity has increased over time.

At the same time the official announcement,Beginning 24 November, we will be burning 500m – 1.5 billion of our token supply, each week for the next 3-6 months。

Project Introduction:$SOWL is a project for early educa…