December 3,2022 Tokens on Decentralized Exchanges-$WOOL

$WOOL(Wolf Game) is an Ethereum-based game and NFT risk protocol.All stages of it feature high stakes and high rewards.$WOOL/WETH trading pair is currently listed on UniSwap (v3); the highest price was $0.530859 on Jan 20, 2022, and the lowest price was $0.011349507 on Jun 13, 2022. The current price is $0.03750.At present, the overall trend is rising, the project theme is relatively novel, it is predicted that there will be a wave of rise behind.

Total liquidity:$495.49K
24h volume:$244.84K
Total tx:98.93K
Total Market Cap:$5.11M
Total Supply:137.62M
Pool created:11/20/2021 08:42

Project information:


$WOOL(Wolf Game) is an Ethereum-based game and NFT risk…