Oasis Network (ROSE)

  • Oasis Network is a decentralized blockchain network built by Oasis Labs that enables secure and private data-sharing and control.
  • The ROSE token is the native utility token of the Oasis ecosystem and is used for staking and delegation in the network consensus, as well as paying network transaction fees.
  • The blockchain infrastructure has two main components:
    • Consensus Layer: a scalable and secure Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm run by a decentralized set of validators.
    • ParaTime Layer: an environment that hosts many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes), each representing a replicated computation environment with a shared state.
  • Utilizing Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), Oasis Network has enabled the following functionalities:
    • Query & Data Control: allowing companies to monitor and control access to their data and create detailed restrictions on analysis and Structured Query Language (SQL) queries.
    • Data Collaboration: allowing businesses to share sensitive data with other organizations while being able to retain and adjust data access and analysis permissions.
    • User Privacy-as-a-Service: allowing companies to present how user data is transferred and utilized.
    • Parcel SDK: allowing developers to access the Oasis Network to build tools and applications with ease.
  • The project has raised over 45.00MM USD via private token sales with the latest token sales price being 0.03 USD / ROSE.

Max Supply :10,000,000,000 ROSE

Total Supply :10,000,000,000 ROSE

Circulating Supply :5,725,718,533 ROSE

【bscscan contract】0x6c6D604D3f07aBE287C1A3dF0281e999A83495C0

【ethereum contract】0x26B80FBfC01b71495f477d5237071242e0d959d7

【solana contract】S3SQfD6RheMXQ3EEYn1Z5sJsbtwfXdt7tSAVXPQFtYo


Max Supply :10,000,000,000 ROSE Total Supply :10,000,00…